In this epic volume, renowned photographer Marc Hoberman presents London in a way never seen before! Through a visual journey of over 280 large-scale color photographs, London and its surrounds is showcased as it really is: towering landmarks fill the book’s pages, below them London’s life-blood - it’s people - satiate the city’s streets. Beefeaters, Camden Town punks, bobby’s-on-the-beat, they’re all here but so are the 'everyday’ Londoners that make up the city’s true character - tourists scrunching their mouths at tube maps, public schoolboys with disheveled uniforms/perfect hair, harried crowds on Christmas-time Oxford Street and a quick cell phone text while queuing for a red telephone box. Complemented by dramatic double-page aerial photographs and text by award-winning author John Andrew, LONDON! is a true homage to the world’s capital and sets a new benchmark for the genre.


Publisher: Gerald & Marc Hoberman Collection
ISBN: 9780957120303
Category: £1.00 NET SALE
First Published: 2012
Binding: Hardback - Dustcover
Number of Pages: 2472
Pack Size: 5
Original Retail Price: £30.00
Our Price: £1.00 (less discount)
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