Kick Yourself Puzzles

Kick Yourself Puzzles

This book will have you kicking yourself, slapping your forehead, and laughing out loud, not necessarily in that order. Filled with little teasers that have trick answers, this is one book of puzzles that will amuse as well as confuse. For instance: What was the name of the president in 2000? No, not Bill Clinton--the answer is Barack Obama, the current president, who in 2000 had the same name he does today! [insert facepalm here]


Publisher: Sterling Publishing Company, Incorporated
ISBN: 9781402799105
Category: 50p NET SALE
First Published: 2013
Binding: Paperback
Number of Pages: 96
Pack Size: 68
Original Retail Price: £4.99
Our Price: £0.50 NET
VAT %: 0

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