Holy Rock 'n' Rollers

Holy Rock 'n' Rollers

The Kings of Leon came from America's Deep South in 2003 and made an impact on the British music scene that was more immediate and long-lasting than any other new band in years. They embarked on a sex, drug and booze-fuelled rampage through the London music and fashion scene, never afraid to reveal all to the press and somehow surviving to tell the tale. An updated edition covers the release of the Kings' 2010 album Come Around Sundown, the extensive dates which followed the release and the band's documentary Talihina Sky. Theirs is a unique tale, from their youth as touring musicians in their preacher father's church to their discovery by the American music industry and beyond.


Publisher: Omnibus Press
ISBN: 9781780381473
Category: 50p NET SALE
First Published: 2012
Binding: Paperback
Pack Size: 26
Original Retail Price: £9.95
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