The Commercial Interior Book
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The Commercial Interior Book

Eugeni Pons is one of the most internationally renowned architecture photographers nowadays. Following his first bestselling title,The Interiors Book, this new illustrated volume presents an astonishing selection of his photographs from some of the most recent restaurants, hotels, shops & boutiques, cafes around the world. The book is essential reading for all of those professionals or design students interested in the new trend of commercial spaces. AUTHOR: Eugeni Pons was born in Barcelona in 1964. His interest in photography began when he was only thirteen. With his first serious camera, a Canon AE-1, he took up experimental, architectural and landscape photography. He started collaborating with architecture and design magazines and introduced himself to the most successful architects in Barcelona, which made his first collaborations possible. He now continues collaborating with several international newspapers, magazines and publishers, and has won five LUX architecture photography awards.


Publisher: Booq
ISBN: 9788494717222
First Published: 2018
Pack Size: 8
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