Love of My Life
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Love of My Life

Book & 4 CDs. Jazz is his great passion. Siggi Loch, formerly one of the biggest international record bosses, now head of the ACT label, has been the companion of many noted stars. And he has been closer to these musicians than professional photographers have. Since the 1960's, Siggi Loch has captured the "magic moments" of jazz, blues, and rock on film. This book shows his fascinating pictures, from Louis Armstrong to Ray Charles, Klaus Doldinger, Johnny Griffin, Dexter Gordon, Cannonball Adderley, Little Richard, Nils Landgren and many others. Music CDs: The music itself that Siggi Loch has produced over the last four decades is no less interesting. A treat for the ears, which bring the photos to life.


Publisher: Edel Classics
ISBN: 9783937406916
First Published: Edel Classics
Pack Size: 20
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