Malacarne - a stark portrait about the Mafia and their organization: the Cosa Nostra, the Ndrangheta and the Camorra. Photographer Alberto Giuliani's images convey the influence of the Mafia on the life and culture of the people in the different regions of Italy - these are exclusive, authentic, unsparing photographs. Murder weapons and scenes, the hunters and the hunted, bosses and victims, burials and drug dealings, the concealed and the search operation: Giuliani's photos depict the land of the Mafia as archaic, illuminating the cultural backstory. No lesser a figure than bestselling author and Mafia expert Roberto Saviano (Gomorra, 3 million sold copies) assisted and advised Giuliani on the project. Malacarne speaks of a country at war.


Publisher: Edel Classics
ISBN: 9783940004871
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First Published: 2010
Binding: Hardback - Dustcover
Pack Size: 5
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