Napoli. Book + CD
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Napoli. Book + CD

Naples is a city full of contrasts and a festival for the senses. With its rich singing tradition, Naples is also the street-music capital of Italy. This is the home of Canzone Neapolitana and Pizza. In Napoli unique photographs show life, people, the beauty and the inconsistencies in the city between Mt. Vesuvius and the sea. Music CDs: The music selection would not be complete without O Sole Mio?, Torna a Surriento? and Funiculi Funicula?. Names like Enrico Caruso, Beniamino Gigli, Francesco Albanese and Renato Carosone speak for themselves.


Publisher: Edel Classics
ISBN: 9783937406572
First Published: 2007-03-25
Pack Size: 1
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