Infinite Value

Infinite Value

During the recessionary period of 2008-9, many organizations followed a business model that was ill-suited to long-term prosperity and strong profits, instead focusing on cost-cutting initiatives in order to survive. Post-recession, there is more optimism around investment, but changing from an entrenched cost-focused strategy can prove to be challenging. Infinite Value offers a value-based business model approach, which author Mark Davies argues is the most effective way forward for a business to thrive and grow in any economy. When a salesperson uses value-selling techniques to identify the needs of the customer, and can highlight how those needs are met by the product or service being sold, the customer becomes more invested in acquiring that offering, as well as more invested in the business itself. Although a value-based business strategy provides stronger competitive advantage and long-term profits for both the supplier and the customer, few organizations manage to work in this way for sustained periods. Infinite Value provides a seven-pillar model to help organizations understand and implement the concepts of value-based selling, including reviews of customer strategy, value propositions, strategic customers and value pricing.


Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing Plc
ISBN: 9781472935298
First Published: 2017
Binding: Paperback
Pack Size: 15
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Our Price: £3.99 (less discount)
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