Follow Me Around the House

Follow Me Around the House

50 Windows to Open and Explore! Come follow Luna and the little puppies on their adventures--and lift the 50 flaps to see what fun things are hiding everywhere you go. Energetic puppies can tire mom out! So Luna helps by taking the pups to explore the whole house. In each room, Luna explains what to watch out for--like a noisy refrigerator or a crocodile in the bath. But by the time they climb up to the attic, Luna is terrified of what might be lurking there. Will they find something scary . . . or some fun new friends?


Publisher: Book House
ISBN: 9781911242338
Category: CHILDREN'S
First Published: 2016-09
Binding: Paperback
Pack Size: 24
Original Retail Price: £11.99
Our Price: £2.99 (less discount)
VAT %: 0

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