Who Owns and Operates this web site ?

The Fanshaw Books website is owned by Fanshaw Books Ltd. For further information please click here.

If a title is listed on the site can I definitely purchase it?

Fanshaw Books endeavours to keep this web site fully up to date, however we cannot guarantee that all stock shown is available at the time that you order. For full details of our terms please click here.

As a buyer what will it cost me to use the site?

There are no costs involved in browsing the site. The only charges you incur are for purchasing goods.

Am I eligible to use this site?

This site can be used by any trade customers who are buying for resale. If you are an individual this site is not for you.

Can I only use this site if I am a bookshop?

No this site can be used by any trade customer who is buying for resale.

Am I eligible to buy from the site on credit?

If you already had a credit account with Fanshaw Books you will be able to purchase goods on that account from our web site in the usual way. If you did not have an account you can apply in writing to Fanshaw Books and our credit control department will review your application. If you wish to apply for credit please click here. Credit accounts are provided at the discretion of Fanshaw Books.

How is stock made available on the site?

Stock posted on the site is sold under Fanshaw Books Ltd's standard terms and conditions. All titles are sold at at least 40% off the Fanshaw Books retail price for a title ( which is the price that we think the title can be sold for in a remainder bookshop ). Higher discounts may be negotiated, depending on the size of orders you wish to place.

For full information please visit our terms and conditions page.

Do you guarantee that prices for goods on the site will not change ?

We cannot guarantee that goods will not change price, however if the price has changed since you placed your order we will contact you to check that you still wish to purchase the goods before despatching them.

If I opt to pay by pro forma will stock be held for me?

In general stock will not be reserved until payment has been received. If you wish to arrange for stock to be held please contact the company to request this. The granting of such a request is at the discretion of Fanshaw Books Ltd, and no stock will be held for longer than seven days.

Can I pay by Credit Card?

Yes you can pay by credit card and this is our preferred payment suggestion for overseas customers who do not currently have credit accounts with Fanshaw Books Ltd. No additional charges are made for this facility.

What happens to any credit card information we provide?

Credit card information is stored on a separate database and is held encrypted using a secure method.

You will have to resubmit your credit card details for each purchase.

Can I pay by bank to bank transfer?

Fanshaw Books Ltd do offer this facility. If you wish to pay for your order in this way please click here.

If I am a UK or Irish customer what are the carriage terms on my order?

All orders on the Fanshaw Books web site are sent carriage free if they are for goods with a value of over 150GBP net. If your order is for less than 150GBP net a small carriage charge will be levied. This will be shown on your order acknowledgment.

If I am an overseas customer what are the carriage terms on my order ?

Fanshaw Books Ltd do not charge for sending orders for a value of over 150GBP net to UK based freight consolidators or groupage companies. The charges from the consolidator to you the customer are payable by you.

Will all the titles I order arrive together?

In general we try to send orders as single consignments, but due to delivery times from our suppliers we are not always able to do so. If you wish to ensure that your orders are sent as a single consignment please specify this on your order details.

Can I specify no dues/back orders ?

Yes simply specify this on your order details in the space provided.

How quickly can I expect to receive my order?

If you are a UK based customer you can expect to receive your order within 21 days of placing it, providing that we have the title in stock. If you need to receive your order more quickly than this we may levy an additional charge. If you are an overseas customer delivery time will depend on the carrier you select.

What if goods arrive damaged?

Fanshaw Books Ltd take all reasonable precautions to ensure that goods arrive in saleable condition. Claims for damages, shortages or misprinted or wrongly bound books, are covered by the company’s standard terms and conditions. Excepting when goods are shipped using Fanshaw Books Ltd’s own carriers, we cannot be responsible for any damages incurred in transit.

Do I need any special software to view the site?

Our site has been designed to be as simple and quick to use as possible. You do not need any software other than your browser.

Is the site viewable using any browser?

The site has been designed to work with any widely available browser. If you have any problems viewing the site please contact info@fanshawbooks.co.uk.

What happens to the registration information we provide?

Your registration information is held on a secure server by Fanshaw Books Ltd and only used for the purposes for which the information was provided.

If I already see a Fanshaw Books representative what advantage do I get from using the site?

The Fanshaw Books web site is not intended to replace our representatives, but to work alongside them. If you are in the UK or Ireland and would like to arrange a visit from a representative please click here.

Do Fanshaw Books Ltd confirm the quality or condition of the books listed on the site?

We endeavour to ensure that all books posted to our web site are of fair marketable condition, however Fanshaw Books Ltd will replace or credit any books found to be defective, although the company reserves the right to request that the book be returned to us for inspection.