Fanshaw Books security information:

For the transmission of credit/debit card information, Fanshaw Books Ltd has obtained and applied the most secure e-commerce payment technology available.

This includes 40-bit SSL encryption certified by VeriSign, the world's most respected certification body for Internet firms.

The VeriSign certificate allows for peace of mind,when making transactions over the web:

  1. It ensures that you are actually dealing with Fanshaw Books and not an imposter site claiming to be Fanshaw Books
  2. It encrypts the information exchanged between you and Fanshaw Books so that, for example, no one can intercept and read your debit or credit card information

In addition to this we have arranged our systems and procedures so that the credit/debit card information provided is not provided fraudulantly. To achieve this Credit/debit card information is never retained by Fanshaw Books once payment has been made and you will always be required to enter this information to purchase by credit/debit card.

Fanshaw Books has also incorporated internal firewalls and other security devices into its systems to protect against attempts by hackers to break into the site.

These precautions, in addition to policies such as never keeping your credit/debit card information on the servers, guarantee the best in safe and secure online payment!

Any queries regarding online payment and security issues please contact our office on 020 7281 9387 or email