Educating Architects

Educating Architects
By Neil Spiller

The practice of architecture has changed dramatically in recent years through digital technologies, material science, and new structural possibilities. Images of striking new buildings from around the world have become a part of our visual culture. What is less known, but perhaps more important, is how the architects who created these marvelous buildings were educated. This is the first volume to comprehensively consider the role of architectural education in the twenty-first century. Many students come to architecture relatively late in their education, so it is in college where they come into contact with those who will influence their entire careers. Many top schools are run by leading global practitioners, who, some might argue, have more lasting influence as educators than as architects. The wide range of pedagogical philosophies and practical lessons, set out in specially commissioned essays, creates a fascinating picture of how our ideas and practices of architecture are formed, nurtured, and ultimately built for the world to see.Through both the professional and educational experience of the contributors, we discover many unexpected and unorthodox methods for teaching those who will build our world.
Educating Architects
Publisher: Thames & Hudson
ISBN: 9780500343005
First Published: 2014
Binding: Hardcover
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