Walk in the Park Note Cards

Walk in the Park Note Cards
By Sarah Trumbauer

Express your sentiment and your sense of whimsy with beautiful papercut note cards. Indulge in beautiful papercut artwork to convey your birthday wishes, thank yous, and congratulations. Sarah Trumbauer brings her unique touch to original and highly detailed cut paper designs featuring delicate leaves, flowers, and landscapes. This set includes ten cards, five of each charming design. Envelopes are included.
Walk in the Park Note Cards
Publisher: Quarto Publishing Group USA
ISBN: 9781631063008
Category: 50p NET SALE
First Published: 2016-12
Binding: Cards
Number of Pages: 10
Pack Size: 24
Original Retail Price: GBP 8.99
Our Price: GBP 0.50
VAT %: 20
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