Of Silence and Song

Of Silence and Song
By Dan Beachy-Quick

"Midway through the journey of his life, Dan Beachy-Quick found himself without a path, unsure how to live well. A Quiet Book follows him through the forest of his experience, on a classical search for meaning in the world and in his particular, quiet life. In essays, fragments, marginalia, images, travel writing, and poetry, Beachy-Quick traces relationships and the identities through which he sees the world. As father and husband. As teacher and student. As citizen and scholar. And as poet and reader, wondering at the potential and limits of literature, and guided by his studies in ancient Greek. A Quiet Book finds its inferno--and its paradise--in moments both historically vast and nakedly intimate. Our world's disappearing bees, James Eagan Holmes, Columbine, and the persistent, unforgivable crime of slavery--these are the circles of hell Beachy-Quick wanders, but cannot escape. And yet he encounters redemption in the art of Marcel Duchamp, the pressed flowers in Emily Dickinson's Bible, and long walks with his youngest daughter, Iris. -The litany in hell is weeping, weeping, - he writes, -but there are other litanies.- Curious, earnest, and masterful, A Quiet Book is an unforgettable exploration of the human soul."--Publisher's description.
Of Silence and Song
Publisher: Milkweed Editions
ISBN: 9781571313621
First Published: 2017
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