Nell Brooker Mayhew

Nell Brooker Mayhew
By Alissa Anderson

Nell Brooker Mayhew brought a bold and bright new spirit to the Southern California art scene at the turn of the nineteenth century. Breaking the bounds of social and artistic convention, Mayhew quickly established herself as a note-worthy artist, speaker and teacher. Her heady blend of color and energy won the respect of a freethinking Los Angeles art crowd. Despite being widely exhibited during her lifetime, Mayhew's legacy has until now been unjustly neglected. "Nell Brooker Mayhew: Paintings on Paper", the first monograph of her work, features new research and discoveries as well as numerous color images taken directly from the original paintings.
Nell Brooker Mayhew
Publisher: Balcony Press,U.S.
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First Published: 10 Jan 2005
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